25730 S Dixie Hwy, Crete, IL 60417
25730 S Dixie Hwy, Crete, IL 60417
Prayer for mom
Submitted By:Matthew anon
Prayer Request:Dear God, Please help my mommy out today. We are going through a lot financially... I hope and Pray she gets alot of tips today and everyday lord. Help protect her, she aches, she cries, she is in pain as well lord, her back, and her hands hurt her everyday. She can't sleep sometimes lord... Please help my mommy, let something good happen to her lord, help her make alot of bucks today and prosper her so she can live a good life everyday, take away all her pain, and keep her safe. Don't worry about me, if you can make my mom feel good then that is all I can ask for father. I love you! In your name I pray AMEN! .... Thank You ....

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